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Stem Mastering specifications

Stem mastering enables us to fine-tune your masters even more by addressing more specific problems like a smudgy bass, harsh vocals or phase problems without having to apply the processing to the whole mix.

Please keep a few things in mind :

1 – Include your full stereo mix when sending us stems, as a reference.

2 – Keep all your effects, plug-ins and automations on the separate stems and bounce them as stereo tracks, in the same format as your session. When playing them together in the DAW, we should hear your final stereo mix.

3 – Be sure to include EVERY element of your mix, name the stems properly and ensure they are synchronized.

4 – Don’t send too much stems. This is not about remixing your track but correcting certain details. Keep it simple : 5 or 6 stems should do the trick. For example : Lead vocals / Backing vocals / Kick / Drums /Bass / Synths

5 – Don’t hesitate to tell us what you’re expecting, or what you’re have problems with.